Do all organisms have the right to reproduce and grow, and if so, do humans have the right to destroy them?

The term “all organisms” includes viruses, bacteria, cancer cells, and whatnot, all of which may be part of the ecosystem. I saw a headline recently that said scientists are trying to find a way to prevent cancer cells from reproducing. That got me thinking: If God created these various life forms for a reason—and God doesn’t make mistakes, right?—surely they were meant to reproduce. If they find a host body in which to reproduce, does that body have a means by which they can learn to tolerate one another?

Humans have learned to live with wild creatures by taming the gentle ones and using caution with dangerous ones. Dogs, wolves, and coyotes in the wild can live with fleas and lice—they may not like them, but where would they buy flea powder or dips in the forests? Then, of course, monkeys will eat the fleas they pick off their friends and relatives. So apparently, even fleas are useful.

I am wondering if the “fight or flight” response has anything to do with controlling the various disease-causing pathogens that attack our bodies: When fear and other strong, negative emotions overwhelm us, immunity often walks out the door, leaving it wide open for disease to enter.

Primitive humans used the fight or flight response to save their own lives. When confronted with danger, their bodies released large amounts of the stress hormone, Adrenalin, which provided extra energy to either stay and fight or flee to safety. If that was true thousands of years ago, chances are it’s still true.

But when harm appears today, either real or imagined, the average person feels sorry for himself and flees to his sofa to soak up more negativity from television programs or the evening news. But the extra dose of Adrenalin remains in his body and begins creating this or that ailment or disease, because its nature is to create. If one does not fight or flee from the danger, the Adrenalin creates something else in its host body.

The human body can often heal itself if we get our conscious minds out of the way … and use up that extra Adrenalin by becoming more active. In my opinion, these dangerous pathogens didn’t suddenly appear to wreck our bodies; they’ve been with us for thousands of years. Why does one person catch a certain disease and the next person does not?  Perhaps it’s because one worries and frets while his friend fights off the threat with activity, controlled breathing, and a positive attitude.

The following article explains how the fight or flight response works in our bodies, with ideas and instructions for protecting ourselves from disease. I hope you find this article helpful. Please share your comments.


Peace and Love,



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