Do angels have feathers?


Do angels have feathered wings? Do they even have wings? Common sense tells me they do not, and here’s why:

All matter vibrates. Everything in nature vibrates, even a stone. And the slower the rate of vibration, the more dense an object becomes. For example, a stone is dense due to it’s much slower vibration.  But in fact, a stone vibrates so slowly that it’s undetectable by the human eye. Remember the pet rocks that were so popular a number of years ago? Well, that’s because the word got out that rocks are alive because they vibrate.

But spirits are different. A spirit body vibrates at a very fast rate of speed, and the faster it vibrates, the lighter and finer that spiritual body becomes. It’s like a fan blade that spins so fast all you see is a blur. Or a hummingbird’s wings beating the air so fast you barely noticed what zipped past your eyes—was that a bumblebee? A leaf? Surely not a bird. Perhaps an angel?

I do not believe angels have wings, because as spirits, they are composed of much finer matter. Why would they need physical bird wings to travel through space and time? I think that at one time—after being visited by human-like figures—certain individuals thought  those human forms surely could not fly through space, so they gave them bird wings. Back then, in the history of our planet, humans had simple explanations for things they didn’t understand; simple ideas for simple minds. I seriously doubt there was any knowledge of physics as we know it today.

But spirits do not need wings to travel. The wings were added because humans would absolutely deny the ability of a spirit body moving through space. (And that space can be billions of miles away but the travel would seem simultaneous. As with thought transference—there is no distance through the ether.)

Meditation raises the rate of vibration in humans. Spirits abound in the physical world—but the average person can’t see them due to their higher vibrations.  Well, some folks actually do see them, but they call them ghosts. In my opinion, those so-called ghosts may actually be living beings who’ve managed to escape their material bodies temporarily through meditation, illness, or extreme fear. The faster our spirits vibrate, the easier it is for them to contact and visit the spiritual and Earth realms.

Conversely, a stone—which may once have been a finer body (or object); I don’t know—does nothing to raise its vibrations on this planet, so with its much slower vibratory rate, it simply sits and appears dead. For all practical purposes, that stone IS dead.

In the bible, the trinity is called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (ghost). But in yoga, the trinity is Body, Mind, and Spirit. Three bodies in one; the physical body, mental body, and the spiritual body. Three bodies that work together to create a whole. The mental and spiritual bodies (which are normally invisible to most people) may, under certain conditions, leave the physical body, travel to a distant location, then return to the physical, often with information not found in this world. Lucid dreams are often out-of-body experiences.

There, now, I’ve probably confused you enough. But think about it.



3 thoughts on “Do angels have feathers?

  1. Nice one Bonnie! I get good vibes from most people I meet but now and then get what feels like a psychic attack from some people, even if they’re acting friendly. And there are some places I can’t get away from fast enough. Now if you would just go to sleep a bit earlier we could chat about this on the astral!


    1. We probably already do chat about it on the astral! Some people might be surprised what they’ve done on that plane and don’t remember it. I have a friend in Scotland who dreamed he visited me in the U.S. by train, even with an ocean between us. Funny thing, though, I read yesterday that our Congress is considering doing away with all the Amtrak passenger trains in this country. So I think my friend picked that up. Thanks for your comments. (I still don’t know how to operate Word Press.)


  2. Woah…
    Whole my life I had lucid dreams and recently I started to be closer and closer to controlling my actions in them. In last month, I had two dreams where I was in the place which I knew is my dream land (which was literally a piece of land with a river or sea on the side).
    Because of these events happening, I’ve started up this wordpress blog so I can write stories about places where I’ve been and share it with the world.
    This post gave me shivers while I was reading it. Makes sense, but when are we going to get actual scientific explanation to all of this? Hopefully, one of us will dream far enough to reach all of the answers.


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