Calling Brilliant Internet Technicians

. . . . especially those familiar with MS Word 2003. 

A weird thing happens when I use my mouse wheel to scroll. This is something I’ve noticed before, but never thought much about it. 

You know how when you click the middle mouse wheel and hold it down, it will allow you to scroll either up, down, or sideways? Mine’s acting stupid. I don’t know if there’s a virus or other bug in my mouse, my keyboard, or in Word itself.

When I click the middle wheel, I get the normal little up/down arrow cursors (in this instance, they’re “cursers”), but I also get tiny squares of about 1/4″ and sometimes there are images inside them! 

I’m seeing fonts, numerals, the temperature (not my local temperature), partial words (even these: Twit & Trum). I don’t know where they’re coming from. I’ve tried to get a screen capture, but the moment I move my mouse, they disappear.

What really freaks me out is that some of these little squares are colored and consist of various face parts. The thing that bugs me the most is an EYE – a blue eye – looking at me! WHAT THE HELL!? I thought I was seeing things, until I checked with a magnifying glass.

Since then, these body parts have been ears, an eyebrow with half an eye under it, half a face with just an eye, nose, and mouth. There was even a face with the bottom half gone, just thick eyebrows, a brow, and the whole top part of a man’s head (which appeared to be bald or gray).

My son thought I was imagining these things, so he also checked with the magnifying glass, and we spent an hour or so googling MS Word & mouse problems. But we couldn’t figure it out. It’s unnerving to start a scroll and these things pop up occasionally. Only the face images are flesh colored; the letters and numbers are white on a black or dark blue background.

I feel like I’m being spied on, but how is it possible? I’ve even been able to get more than one of these things to stay a few moments so I could take a picture with my cell camera, but the images are too small and I’m unable to see what’s in them. I know a couple are just the one eye, and it appears to be the same eye each time.

For what it’s worth, here are the pictures, but they don’t tell much because they’re very small. You can see the mouse cursor arrows along with the little square thingees. 

0801171400 0801171404 0801171414 0801171413

Any ideas? I’m going nuts trying to figure this out. It’s like I have a ghost. Every one of these pictures had either letters, numerals, or face parts. Too bad they’re hard to see.