SPOOK: The Little Stray Ghost


gray cat

My name is Spook. I am looking for a loving home. I don’t remember ever having a home and don’t much recall my mother cat or my siblings. I have been wandering the streets for a few months in a cold Wisconsin winter, looking for food and a place to sleep.
One day, a man and woman noticed me hanging around their house, and they kindly set out a dish of food. They talked to me, but I stayed far away until they went back inside. Then I cautiously went over and ate the food really fast.  I was starving! It was very cold that night, but I was afraid to get into the box of warm blankets the woman placed on the front porch for me. I’m sure those kind people had no idea where I went for the night, but they seemed to expect me each day at dinnertime. Every day, I found food and water, and I made it a point to remember where to go when hungry.
Then came the brutal cold. I went to the house and waited on the porch for food, keeping my feet underneath my body to keep them from freezing. This went on for about three weeks. I watched the window for signs of movement inside, and when someone looked out, I began meowing loudly until they brought food. I still would not come close to them, although I loved being talked to. The man and woman fed me daily through the harshest February days, and they put a pillow out so I could sit and warm my feet for a while.
I was a traveler, but people had no idea how far I came to get food. Some days I went hungry, usually after a big snow or rain storm. Those days, I wouldn’t venture out, even for food. But when the weather cooperated, I braved wind, snow drifts, and low temperatures to go back where I knew there would be food waiting for me. I especially felt attracted to the man, because he was the one who mostly brought the food. Sometimes I wanted to come closer to him, and when he left the door open, hoping I might come inside, I was tempted, but timid.
One day I was so happy to find a patio in the back of the house. There, the sun was warm. I sat there in the sun warming myself. I stretched and rolled around on the concrete porch, feeling the glorious warmth. I even took time to groom myself, and I knew the people inside were watching. Even the family cat watched, but I didn’t know if I could trust that cat or not as she sat growling and switching her tail! I wanted so much to go inside, but I felt she didn’t want me there.
But the man and woman wanted me. I began coming closer to them when I came to the front porch to eat. Then, one day, the man left the door open and I ventured into the warm house. I was so happy to be warm again that I treaded with my paws and rolled around. I found the petting and scratching behind my ears a delightful feeling. The couple watched me and talked softly to me, but they kept the big cat in another room. After all, I was not much more than a kitten, and I had no idea if she would accept me on her territory. So we were kept in separate rooms until we could adjust to each other.
Then, the landlord said, “No more cats! Just one is all you can have. The new cat has to go. You can find it a good home.”
Oh no! That’s easier said than done. And it’s why I’m at the Humane Society. I need a family who understands cats and who will love me. I am a gentle kitty. I have heard that I have a sweet face and sweet disposition. I need a place to stay, a home where someone needs a companion. Someone to entice me out of my shyness and teach me to play. I have not had time to play–I was too busy just trying to stay alive.
The people who fed me all through the frigid winter named me Spook, because I came and went like a little gray ghost. I had felt like a lost soul for so long, then found a home that I couldn’t claim as my own. That’s my story and that’s why I’m here, hoping with my paws crossed that some kind person wants to adopt a nice kitty like me. I’m sure those kind people who opened their hearts to me would be happy to know their little Spook has found a good home.
I called the Humane Society after a couple of years to see if they had found a home for Spook. I was told he had stayed with them for a few months before he found a “forever home.” I felt guilty, because I should’ve phoned sooner. But my heart grieved for that little lost cat, and I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up the phone and call. When I finally did, I felt a great relief. But even now, when the weather gets cold and nasty, I almost expect to see our little gray ghost coming across the yard to the porch. (The cat in the picture is not Spook, but resembles him a lot. We never got a chance to take a good picture of him.)
Be happy, Spook! We loved you.
Namaste & Happy Thanksgiving!


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