Drum Dance


DRUM DANCE by Bonnie Turner

Birchbark canoes are made for rivers and lakes,” Per said, “not the icy waters of the Arctic. Fall out of this, you’ll freeze before you drown!”
Set in the “land of the midnight sun,” Drum Dance is filled with adventure, paranormal intrigue, and danger in Canada’s Central Arctic, where Sir John Franklin and his crew froze to death searching for the Northwest Passage. This well-researched novel cleverly interweaves just enough Arctic history, place names, and Inuit language to evoke the culture of the Far North, the traditions of Eskimo storytelling, and the hardships of Arctic living, especially during 1938 and 1939.
In the late 1930s, 17-year-old David Jansson agrees to spend two years at an isolated fur-trading post with his estranged father, Per, manager for the Hudson’s Bay Company. As the two become reacquainted, David’s favorable boyhood memories of his dad are shattered as Per, fueled by contraband whiskey and rum, becomes increasingly abusive to his son. Soon regretting his decision to resume a relationship with his dad, David foolishly risks his life—and his heart—when he forgets that the Arctic seldom gives a man a second chance! (Historical Fiction, Teens/Adults)
* Drum Dance was a “2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards” Quarter-Finalist