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Affordable Copy-editing & Proofreading 

(Accepting New Clients)


I’m a professionally published author with a great eye for detail who can help you polish your manuscript before self-publishing or submitting to agents, editors, or business clients. More than forty years in the writing business. Free sample edit
 No rough drafts. The author should have some knowledge of the basics of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.
 Prefer US authors and MS Word documents. Electronic edits only. Can do Track Changes. 
 No handwritten documents.
 Prefer fiction, nonfiction, short stories, children’s books (except illustrated books), e-books (may help with e-book formatting if needed), biographies, business letters, resumes, obituaries, ad copy, term papers, and articles.
 No highly technical, foreign language, science fiction, or other work that requires extensive—and costly—research. Some foreign words are fine, but author must provide a style sheet with the correct spellings of unusual names, places, definitions, and special expressions.
References: The Chicago Manual of Style and AP Style. Reasonable rates. Money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.
Thank you for your interest! I do not believe in charging new or Indy authors an arm or a leg for copy editing & proofreading. If you want a professional job at non-professional rates, I can offer that. I look forward to a possible working relationship with you. What do you have? 
Email aurorawolf.bonnieturner.editor@gmail.com with “Proofreading” in the subject line. Specify type of manuscript (fiction or nonfiction), genre, approximate word count, a brief synopsis, and attach 3 sample pages from the middle of the book.
Turnaround approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the nature of the work and my schedule.
Book manuscripts $7.00 per 1000 words. (This is an estimate and the price could be a bit more, depending on how much extra work is involved.) Includes both copy-editing and proofreading. Payment through PayPal. US only.
“I highly recommend the Copy-editing-Proofreading services offered by Bonnie Turner. Her work on my novel was prompt, professional, comprehensive and affordable. She is attentive to every detail and provides thoughtful suggestions. The result is a clean manuscript that can be presented to readers and agents with complete confidence.” – Daniel A. Smith, Author of Storykeeper (June 30, 2015)
“I highly recommend Bonnie Turner as a copy editor and proofreader. Bonnie has a keen eye for catching those pesky errors you thought you’d weeded out, and a wonderful “ear” for the written word. She found more than a few grammar and punctuation errors in the supposedly “clean” manuscript I’d sent her to edit. Also, she pinpointed many places where the writing could have been more fluent and succinctly worded. Bonnie’s editing provided the final polish my manuscript needed to make it ready for publication.” – Inge Moore, author of Racing on a Wire, other novels and short stories.
“Bonnie Turner’s keen eye and practical knowledge of proper punctuation, grammar. and sentence structure are a valuable asset to any novel in its draft stages or the final phase prior to publication. I highly recommend her as a proofreader and copy editor.” Loretta Giacoletto, author of Chicago’s Headmistress and other great books.” (March 24, 2015)
“I highly recommend Bonnie. She is a professional with great skill at writing, editing, and proofreading. What’s more, she gives 150% to anything she attempts to do. You are in very good hands when you work with Bonnie.” – Mary McPhee, author of Absolution.  



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