Spirit Lights



SPIRIT LIGHTS by Bonnie Turner

Sequel to The Haunted Igloo.
Returning to the Arctic after a two-year absence, twelve-year-old Jean-Paul has overcome his old fear of the dark but discovers that his best Inuit friend, Chinook, is terrified of “spirit lights!”
One frigid night, after searching by dogsled for a crashed plane, Jean-Paul hears tinkling sounds from a brilliant aurora overhead. Chinook and the Inuit girl Kunee say the spirits in the lights are speaking, warning of danger! But Jean-Paul knows auroras can’t talk!
Or can they?
Fans of Arctic stories will enjoy reading about Inuit culture and building igloos. They will experience fear and danger when they open a sleepy polar bear’s den with Jean-Paul and his Inuit friends, and will share a lonely, hazardous dogsled ride across the tundra and through the wilderness.
Two cultures meet in this coming-of-age novel for middle-grade readers ages 9 & up. Sequel to The Haunted Igloo, Spirit Lights is a *must read* before the exciting new young-adult novel, Drum Dance.
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